Backcountry Food Pouch Plus

An enhanced design of our easy-access storage space for frequently used items


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The Food Pouch Plus is an easy-to-access home for anything you’d like to keep close at hand while riding: such as food, a water bottle, camera, sunglasses, and packable layers.

This is an enhanced design of the original Apidura Food Pouch. Upgrades include a metallic mesh drainage hole on its base, as well as mesh side pockets that are the perfect home for bars, gels, and empty wrappers.

Contents are held in place by a simple bungee cord closure, which is tightened with one hand and securely fastened under the Pouch’s bungee hook. The Pouch is secured to the bike with two nylon straps and a leash – the straps can be attached at five possible points, making it suitable for a wide variety of bars and stems.


Adjustable multi-slot velcro straps

Easy one-finger bungee lock system

Mesh eyelet for drainage

Carbon-friendly straps

Fits either side of the stem

Ultra-durable, lightweight body fabric

Three external pockets for extra storage

Removable leash for added versatility

Backcountry Food Pouch Plus 1.2L Size: 1.2L Weight: 80g Capacity: 1.2L

Backcountry Food Pouch Plus 0.8L Size: 0.8L Weight: 75g Capacity: 0.8L

Materials & Care


The Food Pouch Plus is constructed from Dimension Polyant VX21, a four-layer laminate which is waterproof, lightweight, highly tear- and abrasion-resistant, and low stretch.

Hypalon, a synthetic rubber, is used at attachment points to provide strength, grip, and a low-abrasion surface against bike frames.


Packs should be washed by hand to preserve the integrity of the laminated body fabric. You can use a mild diluted soap if needed.

Packs should be air dried.

Do not machine wash or dry. Do not iron.

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