Repair Guides

Self-sufficiency is a key foundation of bikepacking. We have therefore created the following guides to help you carry out minor repairs on your packs. If you require spare parts or have further questions please email 


Hole and Damage Repair


What you will need :
– Scissors
– Repair tape
– Scouring pad

  • Clean the affected area and allow to dry
  • Cut the repair patch to the appropriate size, allowing 2.5cm of space in each direction and rounding the edges
  • Remove the paper backing from the repair tape and apply to the affected area, applying firm pressure
  • The repaired Pack may be used immediately but the adhesive will reach full strength in 24 hours.


Bungee Cord Stopper Replacement


What you will need :
– Flat-head screwdriver

  • Open the cord housing with a small screwdriver
  • Reseat the bungee cord in the grooves of the housing
  • Snap the cord end closed


Rotate Seat Post Collar


What you will need :
– Allen key

  • Use an Allen key to loosen the seatpost collar to the point that it can move freely
  • Rotate the collar 180 degrees so that the bolt is facing forward
  • Tighten seatpost collar to the recommended torque

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