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Rear Packs

Designed to make full use of the space under the saddle, eliminating the need for a rear rack. Performs best when used to carry lightweight, compressible items, such as clothing or sleeping gear – but built super strong to handle other loads as well!

Front Packs

Designed to make use of the space below the handlebars, eliminating the need for a front rack. Handlebar Packs are made expressly to carry the light, compressible and bulky items of your long distance adventure, or multi-day bikepacking kit to create a larger and more balanced load.

Frame Packs

Frame Packs promote a nicely balanced loaded bike with a very good center of gravity for optimal handling, while keeping items easily accessible on the go.

Expedition Series

Designed for road riding and long haul touring. Constructed from a lightweight waterproof laminate and features welded seams, providing ultimate protection in the harshest weather conditions.

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