Apidura + Bombtrack Saddle Pack (5L)




Materials & care


The Apidura + Bombtrack Saddle Pack is an essential partner for family bikepacking trips in the wilderness. Designed to hold light, compressible clothes and gear on off-road rides, the bag provides a spacious compartment under the saddle, eliminating the need for a rear rack. It’s held securely by a stable three-point attachment system, ensuring maximum comfort.

The all-weather fabric offers unparalleled resistance to abrasion and tears, and it’s also simple to pack down. Reflective graphics and two light attachment points mean that there’s no need to compromise on safety.

The bag is sized for children’s bikes, with a 5-litre capacity and simple roll top closure system that’s easy for small hands to use.

While the body fabric of this bag is waterproof, due to the stitching process used to assemble the product, there is the possibility for water to enter through the seams when exposed to sustained rain. We recommend using an internal dry bag for contents that must remain absolutely dry.


The bombtrack saddle bag is made from Dimension-Polyant VX21, a four-layer laminated fabric originally developed for the maritime industry. Designed to fit the demands of off-road riding, the material combines waterproofing, light weight, low stretch, and high abrasion and tear resistance.

The base of the bombtrack saddle bag and velcro straps are reinforced with Hypalon, a durable rubberised nylon that provides extra protection against friction and puncture. For the compression straps, Woojin buckles have been chosen for their strength and reliability.

A lightweight moulded section of HDPE thermoplastic sits in the lower section of the bombtrack saddle bag to reinforce its structure.


Wash by hand, using a mild diluted soap if necessary. Afterwards, let it air dry.
Do not machine wash, machine dry, or iron.



Dimension Sizing Diagram Apidura + Bombtrack Saddle bag 5l Dimension Sizing Diagram Apidura + Bombtrack Saddle bag 5l

weight:225 g

Width: 14 cm 5.5 in

Follow the clearance advice below to ensure the best possible fit for your Saddle bag.

If possible, flip the seat post collar so that the bolt is on the opposite side of the post to the Saddle bag. This will ensure that the base of the bag avoids wear and tear.



Tyre clearance diagram apidura + bombtrack saddle bag 5l Tyre clearance diagram apidura + bombtrack saddle bag 5l

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