The Apidura x Canyon Saddle Bag dimension diagram in cm The Apidura x Canyon dimension diagram in inches

weight:200 g

Depth: 14 cm 5.5 in

“Taking on a long gravel route like the 'Sussex Mystery Tour' is no small undertaking, making sure you have the ability to carry tools, spares and some extra layers is essential to a comfortable ride.”

-Liam Yates / Canyon Ambassador

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Full setup

Liam Yates's kit list for SSX Mystery TourLiam's minimal setup for a fast 240km, tackling the SSX Mystery Tour route in Sussex. More info and kits from Liam Yates

Kit List

List of kit from Liam Yates's trip.

  • Arm warmers
  • Leg warmers
  • Down jacket – Rab
  • Warm hat

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