The Backcountry Downtube Pack (1.8L) has been designed to secure to 12-20cm circumference tubes.


diagram of thedowntube bag dimensions in cm diagram of thedowntube bag dimensions in inches

weight:105 g

width: 9.5 cm 3.7 in

It’s the perfect space to store the luxury of a warm drink during icy conditions!

-Pana Mogren / supported rider

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Pana Mogren's kit list for Jotunheimen National ParkPana Mogren's solo trip to Jotunheimen National Park was a serious undertaking. The region is barren and life in the mountains is tough during winter. More info and kits from Pana Mogren

Kit List

List of kit from Pana Mogren's trip.

  • Warm drink

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