Sizing & Fit

hip pck diamension diagram in cm waist pack diamension diagram in inches

weight:320 g

Depth: 8 cm 3 in

Waist Circumference

The Backcountry Hip Pack comes in a single size made to accommodate as many riders as possible and has been designed with all-day comfort in mind. To check the product fits we recommend measuring your waist, at the point where you’d like the pack to sit, whilst wearing your regular riding gear. The pack’s waist strap has some stretch and so if you are near to, or slightly over, the upper limit, there is enough give for the pack to still fit comfortably.


One Size70cm / 28in115cm / 45in


Designed for Fit

The Backcountry Hip Pack is made to handle the roughest rides. Designed with an ergonomic fit to sit comfortably and securely all day, no matter the conditions or the terrain.

The waistband is designed with enough stretch to ensure the pack can be worn in a variety of positions and over bulky layering, whilst always remaining comfortable and unobtrusive.

Adventure Tested