Exploring The Boundaries Of Bikepacking

Collaborations help us introduce new audiences to bikepacking, explore different aspects of our sport and experiment with the latest materials and manufacturing techniques. By partnering with brands that share our vision, we are able to bring innovative products to market that address specific needs or audiences in a way that complements both brands.

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Apidura x Canyon

In the same way that Apidura forever changed the bikepacking market by developing the world’s first fully waterproof bikepacking bags way back in 2016, Canyon’s influences in bike design can be seen throughout the cycling world and it’s no surprise to us that so many of our ambassadors are also Canyon riders. The combination of lightweight technical bikes and luggage has proven a winning combination time and again.

With the launch of the Grizl, Canyon came to us with the opportunity to create a set of packs that fully showcased the bike’s performance-oriented design and perform under the tough conditions the bike is designed to thrive in. While any number of our packs could fit the Grizl, with its focus on speed and the rougher end of the gravel spectrum, we knew that the packs would need to be a blend of our Racing and Backcountry Series, offering an opportunity for us to bring together the highlights of each series in a new and exciting way.

"As problem solvers by our nature, we like to collaborate with people that have the same outlook and bring both new problems and new solutions to the process"

Betsy Seed / Apidura Product Team


Apidura x Canyon

Canyon’s simple, precise and dynamic approach to bike design has closely mirrored our own design principles. The resulting Apidura x Canyon packs blend elements of our Racing Series and Backcountry Series packs to create durable, lightweight and waterproof packs optimised for riding fast gravel.

Rapha + Apidura

Rapha have built a reputation on creating the best kit, favoured by discerning racing cyclists the world over and were a natural choice to collaborate with to bring bikepacking to a new audience.

Apidura + Bombtrack

Bombtrack share our love of the inclusive side of bikepacking and collaborated with us to help families with children embrace the shared experience of bikepacking – something we like to call Tykepacking.

Apidura + Marin

As the original pioneers of the mountain biking scene, Marin were a natural choice to collaborate with to explore the possibilities of e-bikepacking.

Normalising Bikepacking with Rapha

Rapha bought high quality, technical cycling clothing to the masses and created an inclusive and far-reaching network of cyclists through their cafes and stores in a way that few other brands have been able to match. With a focus on the aspirational side of cycling, Rapha has bought racing panache and the associated pro-quality equipment to average cyclists the world over.

Collaborating with Rapha was an opportunity to introduce this audience to the aspirational side of bikepacking and the highest quality precision-crafted gear available at the time … with some Rapha flair added in for good measure, of course.

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