Dimension Sizing Diagram Expedition Accessory bag 4.5l in cm Dimension Sizing Diagram Expedition Accessory Pocket 4.5l in inch

weight:115 g

Width: 27 cm 10.6 in

It was important for my drone to be stored in a waterproof pack & to be easily accessible when I was riding.

-Gonzalo Zamorano / Self-supported tourer

Packing tips



Full setup

Gonzalo Zamorano's kit list for Bikepacking Across Salar De UyuniGonzalo Zamorano's bikepacking trip across the Bolivian Altiplano included several days unsupported across Salar De Uyuni. More info and kits from Gonzalo Zamorano

Kit List

List of kit from Gonzalo Zamorano's trip.

  • Drone – DJI Mavic 2 pro
  • Long finger gloves
  • Neck warmer

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