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Designed for taking the everyday ride farther, the Expedition Series is lightweight, waterproof and durable enough to accompany you everywhere from the weekend ride to a global tour.

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Discovering the Joy of the Journey

I never imagined that I would cycle quite so far, but over time the routine of waking up somewhere new and pedalling through the day became the norm. The ‘necessary evil’ of getting from A to B wasn’t an inconvenience at all – it was the very reason I started cycling each morning. It wasn’t about saving money anymore, it was about travelling an unbroken line, relying on my own legs. Read more.

“I began to wonder: How far could I actually go? ...every time I’ve felt like I’ve been close to finding out, I’ve felt spurred on to do more.”

Jenny Graham / Fastest woman to cycle around the world


Apidura waterproof bike bags


Travelling farther by bicycle means embracing the weather and riding through any conditions you encounter. The Expedition Series is waterproof by design to keep you riding and your equipment safe when the conditions turn against you.


Travelling to the shops or circumnavigating the planet, the Expedition Series provides the storage you need. Designed to work on their own or together, Expedition Series packs ensure that no matter how long the ride or how big the load, you remain balanced on the bike.

Travel light and efficiently with a Richey bike featuring Apidura saddle packs. Embark on your next cycling escapade with a Richey bike and Apidura saddle packs. Gear up and go with this Richey bike, complete with Apidura saddle packs for all your essentials. Explore in style with this Richey bike outfitted with Apidura saddle packs. A Richey bicycle equipped with Apidura saddle packs, geared up for a journey. A modern Richey bike featuring Apidura saddle packs, perfect for long-distance rides. A sleek Richey bike adorned with Apidura saddle packs, ready for adventure.
man bikepacking through the rain with waterproof bags


Extending the everyday ride leads to commutes becoming weekend adventures, which can quickly turn into global tours. No matter how long the adventure gets, the Expedition Series will go the distance with you.

Around the World

‘Fastest Female to Circumnavigate the World by Bike, Unsupported’.

According to Guinness, the journey should be continuous and in one direction (east to west or west to east). The minimum distance ridden should be 18,000 miles (29,000 km), and the total distance travelled by the bicycle and rider should exceed the Equator’s length. The clock does not stop for any waiting time for transit flights, ferries, or for the duration of the transit. Read More.

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