For flexible storage on and off the bike

Designed for adding flexible storage to longer rides, Packables are ultralight, waterproof and versatile on-body bags for carrying bulkier loads in comfort.

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When we design new products, our mantra is that they must add value – they must be unique, better, or different than what is currently available and must be designed around riders’ needs. Unsurprisingly, inspiration for new products generally comes from our community of riders; an unmet need, something not working as they had hoped or a desire to do something differently. It’s a long journey from need to product, however, and we work closely with riders to make sure the products we release are the best they can be. Read more.


Being uncomfortable ruins long days in the saddle. Anything on your body needs to be lightweight and stable, anything on your bike needs to be compact.

Bjorn Lenhard / Ultra-distance racing specialist

Flexible Storage

A close-up of the packable fabrics with raindrops on it


Packables are waterproof, so you can keep riding when the weather turns against you. Keep your food and supplies dry no matter the conditions and focus on finding somewhere dry to spend the night.


RS20D, the ultralight material Packables are constructed from, compresses down to barely there proportions, fitting into a miniscule on-bike storage pocket that attaches directly to the bike.

Apidura Packable Folding the top part of the Packable Folding the the Packable Rolling the folded Packable Rolling the folded Packable half way Adding the folded packable into the pocket Packable
A woman cycling down a street

Anatomical fit on-bike

Riding long distances, any bags on your body need to be comfortable for the long haul. Packables have been designed from the start for on-bike comfort and stability. Universal, adjustable fits ensure Packables are comfortable for riders of all shapes and sizes.

Kerbside Kitchen; No-Cook Meals for Bikepacking

Food is one of the most easily overlooked components of a good bikepacking trip that can make or break the experience. Often, long-distance cyclists resort to eating junk food from service stations and settling for the easiest possible option. However, with just a few minutes more thought and preparation, you can elevate even the most basic meal to a more gourmet experience. We look at how to create simple but tasty no-cook meals and make more interesting meals from limited resupply opportunities. See the recipies.

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