weight:100 g

Width: 4.5 cm 1.8 in

The Racing Bolt-On Top Tube Pack has been designed to work with all bikes with standard-spaced accessory mounts. It is incompatible with bikes with less than 7cm clearance between the first mounting point and the stem, such as the BMC URS. Our Expedition Bolt-on Top Tube Pack has a universal fit and should be used if your bike lacks the clearance for the Racing Bolt-On Top Tube Pack.

I mainly carry food the Racing Bolt-On Top Tube Pack 1L, as it is easy to access without having to rummage around. 8-10 Snickers fit inside it! My frame has top tube mounts - so this pack is the perfect addition.

-Ulrich Bartholmoes / Ultralight Minimalist

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Ulrich Bartholmoes's kit list for GranGuanche Audax RoadUlrich's kit list is a racing setup for an attempt at GranGuanche. The event is a self-supported, single-stage, fixed-route across the Canary Islands. More info and kits from Ulrich Bartholmoes

Kit List

List of kit from Ulrich Bartholmoes's trip.

  • Electrolyte Drink Sachet – Strykr MIX90 Caffeine + Dual-Carb
  • Snack Bars

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