Apidura Racing Handlebar Mini bag (2.5l) Dimension Diagram cm Apidura Racing Handlebar Mini bag (2.5l) Dimension Diagram in

weight:160 g

Width: 7.5 cm 3.0 in

"I spent two weeks riding 1800km around Colombia. It was tough, with around 36,000m climbing, so it was important that I took the right gear. It may seem like a lot but both packs only weighed 2.5kg!"

-Joe Rass-Court / Lebikestop

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Joe Rass-Court's kit list for Fastpacking In ColombiaJoe's kit for a two-week ride in Columbia was incredibly minimal, proving how lightweight you can travel when staying in accommodation every night. More info and kits from Joe Rass-Court

Kit List

List of kit from Joe Rass-Court's trip.

  • Windproof Gilet (Pas Normal Studios Shield)
  • Long sleeve baselayer (Pas Normal Studios)
  • Mid-weight gloves¬†(Pas Normal Studios)
  • Lightweight running shorts (Nike)
  • Energy Bars

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