Racing Handlebar Pack (5L)




Materials & care

The Apidura Racing Handlebar Pack is designed with long distance competition in mind, the bag uses the space beneath the handlebars to provide flexible storage and allow easy access to items on the go.

The handlebar bag consists of a large storage chamber and two easy-access, removable side compartments. The large chamber can be used for bulkier items such as a bivy, while the side compartments provide space for water bottles, snacks or small electronics. The side compartments can be opened or closed with one hand, and fold over securely to protect from rain. This bag also features a stretchy upper pocket, designed to hold a spot tracker securely in place.

The bag is built from Hexalon, an ultralight laminate designed specifically for Apidura. It attaches via reinforced lightweight velcro straps that are versatile enough for aerobars, drop handlebars, and all other bar shapes.

While the body fabric of the Racing Handlebar Pack is waterproof, due to the stitching process used to assemble the side compartments, there is the possibility for water to enter through the seams when exposed to sustained rain. We recommend using an internal dry bag for contents that must remain absolutely dry.


The handlebar bag is made from Hexalon, a bespoke laminated fabric developed specifically for ApiduraDesigned to fit the demands of ultra-distance competition, the material is waterproof and lightweight, with strong tear and abrasion resistance.  


Wash by hand, using a mild diluted soap if necessary. Afterwards, let it air dry.  

Do not machine wash, machine dry, or iron.


Dimension Sizing Diagram Apidura Racing Handlebar bag 5l in cm Dimension Sizing Diagram Apidura Racing Handlebar bag 5l in inch

weight:265 g

Jebel Shams in Oman was hands down the hardest climb I’ve done to date. Steep and gravelly.

-Georgina Panchaud / Bianchi Dama

Packing tips



Georgina Panchaud's kit list for BikingMan OmanGeorgie's kit list is a minimal set up for a fast dash across the desert as part of BikingMan Oman, a sub 120 hour, 1050km challenge.

Kit List

List of kit from Georgina Panchaud's trip.

  • 4x Rawvelo Walnut brownie bars
  • 4x Rawvelo Chocolate Orange bars
  • 4x Rawvelo Chocolate Raspberry bars
  • 4x Luna Nutz Over Chocolate protein bars
  • 6x Rawvelo Hydration Drink Mixes
  • Spare tube
  • Lezyne Pressure Drive Pump
  • Tyre levers
  • Lezyne Rap 20 multi-tool
  • Tyre patch kit (pre-glued)
  • Wahoo Element
  • water bottle

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