We believe in making high-quality technical products that are Built to Last. Accordingly, our warranty covers defects in material and craftmanship for the lifetime and intended usage of our products. If your product fails due to a manufacturing defect – we will repair the product where possible and replace it when it is not.

Due to the nature of our products, this warranty excludes any material abrasion, holes or tears that occur as a result of normal wear and tear or the improper treatment or handling of the product by the purchaser. Zippers can be damaged by over-packing or rough handling so are not covered by our wider manufacturing warranty. If your zipper is damaged or broken we will provide guidance or support with making repairs.

For any claims relating to normal wear and tear, improper product use, failures to follow assembly or mounting instructions, product modifications or improper storage, repairs will be made at a reasonable cost.

Please fill out the warranty form below if you have experienced an issue with your pack. We will always do our best to get back to you in around two working days.

If you purchased your pack through one of our retail partners, please contact them directly to initiate the warranty process. Packs purchased through our retail partners are subject to the same warranty terms but need to be processed by the store in the first instance.

If you are unsure whether your issue is covered by warranty or have any questions, please get in touch and we will advise on the best course of action.

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