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Our warranty covers defects in material and craftmanship for the reasonable lifetime of our products. If your product fails due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair the product where possible and otherwise replace it.

This warranty excludes any material abrasion, zipper damage, holes or tears that occur as a result of normal wear and tear or improper treatment, in these instances we can normally offer cost-effective repairs outside of warranty at our HQ in London.

For all products purchased through our website please submit a warranty/repair enquiry through the form below; our customer service team will be able to guide you through the repair or warranty process where appropriate.

If you purchased your pack through one of our retail partners, please contact them directly. Packs purchased through our retail partners are still subject to the same warranty terms but need to be processed by the store in the first instance.


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    Please provide photos of the affected area of your pack and, if applicable, the pack attached to your bike. (minimum 1 photo required - maximum file size 4MB)