‘Less is More’ Design

We explain why a ‘less is more’ philosophy was so important when designing the Apidura Racing Series, and take a look at the advantages that simple designs offer ultra-endurance cyclists.

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Principles of simplicity are integral to Apidura. We believe that the beauty of cycling is its simplicity, and we strive to reflect this in our approach to riding, as well as the way in which we design and use our products. 

Designing Packs with these ideals isn’t just a way of maintaining our core beliefs as a company though. It helps us to make simple, functional, lasting products, that are fit for purpose. For the Apidura Racing Series, having purpose means providing an uncomplex, accessible storage space for ultra-distance cyclists. It means being lighter, and going faster.

Less is more. Lighter means faster

-Sarah Hammond / Apidura Ambassador

It is not always easier to make designs simpler. In fact, it is the opposite. Designing with a ‘less is more’ approach requires expertise in problem solving – and the ability to try new and innovative ways of achieving your goals. Even though the end product embodies simplicity, the process to get there is often quite complex – but the time and effort required is worth it.  

Riders using the Apidura Racing Series stand to benefit from lighter – and therefore faster – Packs, which is of utmost importance when trying to get from A to B as quickly as possible. Simplified design features, some of which are detailed below, address the access and usability needs of tired, fatigued riders too. What’s more; simple designs are less prone to breakages, and are therefore more likely to enjoy a longer lifespan. The cleaner, sleeker aesthetics of minimalism are also reflected in the reflective graphic elements, and in the compact shape of the Packs themselves.  

Clean, simple, and effective – from ideation to actuation.

Apidura Racing Series ‘Less is More’ Features


New Innovative Closure System

The closure system for the side compartments on the Racing Handlebar Pack is both innovative and simple. The waterproof storage space uses a piece of thermoset plastic to snap open and closed. 

Cable Port

On the Racing Frame Pack, the cable port on the front panel is butted up against the rear of the head tube. It maintains its waterproof integrity simply through canny positioning, and a waterproof cover. 

One-Buckle Closure System

Because of the compact capacity of the Racing Saddle Pack, we were able to use a simple one-buckle closure system, providing easy access for ultra-distance riders, for less weight.

Labyrinth Air Vent

Waterproof roll-top closure systems require a valve to allow air to escape when compressed. Rather than using a plastic open-close valve, we’ve used a labyrinthine hole system. The simple, lightweight alternative allows air to escape, but doesn’t let anything in.

Integrated Thermoset Structure

Each of the Racing Series Packs benefits from an integrated thermoset structure, which bonds directly to the Hexalon outer material, and brings added strength and structure.

Integrated Attachment Loops

For the Apidura Racing Series we’ve introduced a new attachment mechanism, which integrates directly into the body fabric. One example can be found in the light attachment point on the Saddle Pack.